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A Potent Flavonoid for Brain Health and Beyond
As the baby boomers come to age, we realize that a longer life span has challenges, such as aging and cognitive decline. Discover Sabroxy, a potent flavonoid for brain health and beyond, from Ayurveda.
Saberry®: ORAC Dense Phytonutrient™
The antioxidant benefits of the fruit extract of Emblica officinalis Gaertn. (Euphorbiaceae), commonly known in India as amla (Indian gooseberry), a “super fruit” and “rasayana” herb from the Ayurvedic tradition, are now authenticated using a valid biomarker.
Targeting Optimal Nutrient Absorption with Phytonutrients
Curcuminoids From Curcuma Longa In Disease Prevention & Treatment
Pre-clinical and clinical studies of curcumin and its derivatives curcuminoids - a yellow pigment commonly known as curry spice, from dried rhizomes of turmeric (Curcuma longa). Clinical studies are increasing as evidence of curcumin's potential in preventive and intervention therapy emerges.
Boost Your Resilience
Coping with stress involves approaches that boost an individual’s adaptability to change. Phytonutrients that function as relaxants, “adaptogens” or “revitalizers”, positively influence the symptoms of stress, such as anxiety, insomnia, depression and irritability.
The Nourishment Factor - Cococin
A proprietary process preserves the inherent goodness of coconut water in convenient powder form, for use in personal care products and oral supplementation. Find out how Cococin can support hydration and healthy cell growth.
Ensure Summertime Health with Phytonutrients and Dietary Interventions
Summer is here! However, this happy season is often associated with health concerns including sunburn, allergies, infections, dehydration, and heat stroke. Phytonutrients and nutritional interventions that naturally address these concerns are described.
Gammaglutamyl Dipeptides and Amines
Making amino acids consumer-friendly: Modification of properties of amino acids by gamma-glutamylation is discussed. A chiral gamma-glutamylating agent, N-phthaloylglutamic anhydride (NPGLA), for amino acids and amines with simple protection/deprotection sequences is illustrated.
Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the developed world, with coronary heart disease being rated as the number one killer, in the United States. Phytonutrients and nutritional interventions that support cardiovascular health and wellness, are described.
The Weight Loss Approach & Therapies in Indo-Tibetan Medicine
Balancing the body, the mind and the spirit, Indo-Tibetan remedies have been used to help in controlling body weight. Helpful adjuncts in weight loss include Garcinia gambogia, Commiphora mukul, Piper longum, Triphala, Coleus forskohlii and multicomponent herbal and mineral formulae.
A Lighter Skin Tone and More With Natural Actives
Tyrosinase inhibitors and other agents that affect the melanin biosynthesis pathway are widely distributed in plant materials, and offer multifunctional benefits.
Natural Actives Lend Color to Cosmetics and More
In view of safety concerns related to synthetic colors, manufacturers seek natural coloring materials that offer additional multifunctional effects in color cosmetics, including UV protection, anti-aging, and related functionalities.
Personal Care Preservatives
Effective and safe natural alternatives to synthetic antimicrobial compounds and preservatives, find multifunctional applications in personal care products. Innovative natural ingredients in this category, are summarized in this paper.
Tetrahydrocurcuminoids CG - Overview
A colorless hydrogenated product derived from the yellow curcuminoids, (the biologically active principles from the rhizomes of Curcuma longa), function as efficient antioxidant compounds and is useful in achromatic food and cosmetic applications that currently employ conventional synthetic antioxidants.
Targeting Trace Mineral Bioavailability: The Case of Selenium
Why is selenium currently in the nutritional spotlight? A "trace" mineral, selenium forms only about 14 mg of the proximate composition of the average human. However, it is a vital micronutrient, with multiple roles in the growth and functioning of living cells in higher animals and humans.
Phytonutrients & Nutritional Interventions for Natural Immune Support
Fall is almost here, and so are seasonal allergies, and increased incidences of the common cold and flu. This review presents phytonutrients and other dietary interventions that offer comprehensive immune support for the Fall season.
Policosanol - Naturally Healthful From The Inside & Out
Found in plant waxes, Policosanol is a natural mix of higher aliphatic alcohols. Further to its strong cardiovascular benefits, its cosmeceutical applications control sebum, inhibit the growth of microbes and promote hydration and softening of the skin. A new patented extraction process is solvent free, for low environmental impact.
Phytonutrients & Nutritional Interventions to Support a Healthy Body Weight & Composition
Over the past 20 years, obesity has risen at a phenomenal rate in the United States, and the situation continues to worsen. This paper presents selected clinically tested dietary interventions which when combined with a healthy lifestyle, support a healthy body weight and composition.
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