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Sabinsa Cosmetics LactoSpore Curcumin C3 Complex
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About Us

Our Innovation is Your Answer®


Sabinsa Europe GmbH

  • Sabinsa Europe GmbH represents Sabinsa’s marketing and sales platform as well as service for all our Customers across Europe.Sabinsa Since 1988

  • We combine the advantages of Sabinsa’s unique product Portfolio with the local logistic requirements and provide an outstanding service to all our European customers.

  • Our Mission is to provide high level of customer service, technical back up, formulation development services and the introduction of new patented products for the diverse needs of the manufacturers in the industry.

  • Sabinsa Europe is the independent marketing arm of Sabinsa Corporation.


Sami Labs in Bangalore (India) - Sabinsa's Manufacturing Base

  • Development and Manufacturing of a wide range of Claim substantiated standardized Herbal Extracts, Phytochemicals, Fine Chemicals, and Specialty Chemicals that find versatile applications in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Complementary Medicines, Personal Care industries etc.

  • Development of a host of Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical formulations that caters to individual Customer needs.

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